Bev specialises in building, renovating homes and building commercial office spaces. 

With over 40+ years of experience and a close-knit team, they are committed to providing the best build for their clients. They are knowledgeable in creating, sketching the best designs, sustainable & high quality materials as well as always delivering their projects within budget and on time.

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We offer refurbishment and fit-outs of multi-story office buildings across eastern Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the Central Coast. We create and design our office spaces with purpose in mind, we want to make our office spaces to be a place for businesses to be a safe, productive and an efficient environment to work in. 

Bev can create offices that are open plan, or have cubicles, as well as private offices. Our offices include spaces for meetings, for breaks, kitchenettes, receptions, amenities and a wealth of other options needed for an office. 


The Bev team's wealth of experience guarantees quality and excellence in their creations. The team offers a wide range of home renovations including kitchen & bathroom, interior & exterior remodeling, additions and extensions, cabinetry and lots more. We endeavor in bringing your house to life and make it a space of comfort in a stylish and functional way, and most importantly, making it a home.

Bev uses high quality and sustainable materials that suit any budget and with years of experience, able to deliver in a timely manner. We are happy to continually work and collaborate with our client to ensure service is up to satisfaction.


Keep your home or building in shape! The Bevel team focuses on homes and medium rise office buildings, they carry out restorations from facades, roof systems, drainage, brick work, water cleaning and general property maintenance such as painting and programmed maintenance.

We focus on continually maintaining a strong relationship with our clients and make it a priority to always attend any calls. 

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